Exceptional Appliance Repair Services in Ridgefield, CT

Appliances are a vital part of daily life and make it easier. They need to function properly. Sometimes they become weary and do not give the proper results. You have to change some parts of them or replace them. It is crucial to get a repair service as soon as possible to avoid their complete failure. That is why Appliance Genie LLC is an Afford & Reliable appliance repair company that provides amazing Appliance Repair Services in Ridgefield, CT. They can be fully functional again without any disruptions. We are a Local Appliance Repair company with a great emphasis on immediate service to our customers. We hire local electricians who are easily available for your service.  

We choose premium quality materials and items for repair at the lowest prices.  Whether your refrigerator is not cooling properly or your heater is not warming your room, our professional technicians can fix any kind of major issue perfectly. We give a proper house appliance diagnosis and then repair accordingly. All ductwork and attached gadgets will not be damaged with our quality work. We make sure you have the pre-accident appliances with the same working flow. You can also request our regular maintenance checkups for the conventional work of your appliances. We are available to start our service immediately after your one call and make it as convenient and effortless as possible as we can.

Get Help with Our Outdoor Gas Grill Installation Services for Enjoying Your Life

Outdoor gas grills can be a really bad headache with their numerous parts and difficult assembly. Appliance Genie LLC offers all types of built-in outdoor gas grill installation for your lawn or backyard. We also efficiently install an outdoor gas grill with a griddle, making it a perfect fit and the heart of your barbeque parties. Our trained professionals perfectly assemble and install them in your house and make sure they are working properly without causing any trouble. They are well-versed in efficiently assembling and fitting all parts of the grills. They know how to work with all brands of grills and cooking equipment. You can enhance the fun and pleasure of your parties and enjoy a more relaxed cooking experience. You can also request regular maintenance check-ups from our workers after installation on a monthly or annual basis.

We make sure to place and install them with optimal functionality and ensure several quality checks. You can also get free optimum working tips on cooking procedures from us and make full use of your gas grill. Use your grill to the fullest without any break-in fun. There is no place in Ridgefield, CT where we do not deliver our quality services. We will shortly be available for you in case of your sudden party plans so you get a smooth fun experience. We ensure a premium installation service that is unlike others. Choose the smart installation service in your area. Hurry and avail the most amazing Outdoor Gas Grill Installation Services now.

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Upgrade Your Kitchen with The Best Vent Hoods Installation Services in Ridgefield, CT

Appliance Repair Services in Ridgefield, CT

Kitchens are your place and they should remain peaceful for cooking. It is very important to have a proper ventilation system in them. A kitchen vent hood is the best way to maintain the airflow and ventilation needed for proper cooking. That is why we offer the best vent hoods Installation services that are found nowhere else. We will help you to buy the most amazing kitchen hoods and then help them to fix them properly. You can have a proper cooking environment in your kitchen.

Our trained professionals know the right procedure for kitchen vent hood installation that will ensure its real purpose. We will disconnect your old range while removing the unnecessary items, cabinetry, and framework. Install the proper hood range making the right transition with your other kitchen items. You can leave the additional purchases and ductwork required for you. Along with residential, we have expertise in commercial vent hood installation to provide the proper nutritional support for your workplace. You just need to have a few requirements for this like code-compliant electricity, cabinets/framework in place, and existing ductwork if not present buy new ductwork. We will take charge of the rest of the work for you.

There are custom vent hood Installation plans also available from us. You can get our technical inspections and we will advise custom installation plans according to your requirements. Whether you want a new roof installation or to replace the existing roof with a new one, we have the right blend of tools and expertise for your requirements. You just need to demand a service request and we will be shortly available for your installation. We are quick to service and reach within some hours. Just make sure to avail the best hood installation in your area.

Phenomenal Ranges Installation and Customization Services

Every kitchen range is different and unique. The layout and designs may differ and require different installation needs. We provide a wide range of gas and electric range repair services in Ridgefield, CT with commendable service. You choose your kitchen range and choose us for all types of ranges installation and customization services. There is no type of gas range our perfectly trained workers can not fix. You pick which style range is a perfect fit for you. Whether it is a free-standing range slide-in or drop-in range, we have all the requirements and expertise for the installation. Our industry-experienced workers have the right knowledge to manage the design, style, and functionality of your range repair and also make them a right fit for your kitchen. You can pick your favorite range with the right functionality and we will make sure to blend them accurately. Our quality service and multi-custom options have made us the best gas range repair company. Customize a proper and beautiful kitchen range for yourself with our help. You can truly and completely rely upon us without any fear of future failure. We make a perfect fit of the kitchen range with all our might. Contact us for so many installation and customization options.

The Best Wall Oven Integration Services for Cooking Delicious Dishes

Ovens are very crucial for cooking and other food-making procedures. You can bake a new dish or reheat the already prepared dishes for yourself. Nowadays collaborative spaces are a new trend which is why having electric or gas wall ovens is a convenient option for your kitchens. You can save space without messing up your kitchen range. They make the kitchen nicer and more neat looking. We provide wall or double-wall oven installation in Ridgefield, CT. There are so many types of built-in ovens and wall ovens in the market these days and every oven is different to install. For these installations, you can trust our work without any fear.  We have the right expertise and workers to meet all the installation criteria. You can have a wide space for performing different activities in the kitchen. Add more kitchen appliances with additional space by placing your ovens in the wall or cabinets. We will be happy to serve a great functional kitchen you. They can store your food leaving the free counter space for other activities.

Along with functionality, they can increase the beauty of the kitchen. We provide decor wall ovens with several customization options and make them perfectly fit in your kitchen. They create less mess and more work. Utilize your space to the maximum and contact us for the best wall oven integration services.

Excellent Built-in Refrigerators Installation Services for Modern Kitchen Layout

Refrigerators that are built into the kitchen are very important for a contemporary look because they blend in smoothly and have a stylish appearance. They’re made to align perfectly with the cabinets around them, which makes everything look uniform and saves space. The combination makes kitchen designs simpler and more space-efficient while decreasing mess. 

Improve your kitchen with our best built-in refrigerators installation services. Our experts are very good at putting in these types of fridges and making sure they fit perfectly without any problems every time you use them. Our group of experienced technicians possesses many years of practice, enabling them to manage complicated installation tasks with accuracy and attention.

We know every kitchen is different, so we collaborate with you to figure out the most suitable location and design for your integrated fridge. Our specialists consider the arrangement, look, and practical requirements of your kitchen to make sure it fits well and improves your area with luxury built-in refrigerators. We pay attention to each detail, from tailored wall panels to exact flatness. Depend on us for trustworthy and effective fitting that changes your cooking area into an elegant, unified space. We also provide built-in refrigerators installation tips so you get the best results in Ridgefield, CT. Call us now!

We Provide The Best Free Standing Refrigerators for all Your Needs

Standing refrigerators can work by themselves and are not fixed to kitchen cabinets or walls. They give you the freedom to move them around as necessary. This flexibility is very important for people who rent, move often or have changing kitchen designs. Also, free-standing fridges are available in many sizes and designs to suit different needs and tastes. Their versatility and ease of installation make them an essential component in many households.

We focus on supplying high-quality panel ready freestanding refrigerators that meet your particular requirements. Our assortment of refrigerators comes in different sizes, designs, and functions to match any kitchen or area. If you need to save electricity, want the latest technology, or look for a lot of space, we can help. Our specialists work hard to assist you in choosing the ideal fridge that fits your needs and how much money you wish to spend. Choose us for reliable and the best free standing refrigerators that enhance your Ridgefield, CT home.

What Our Clients Said

Essie Cohen
Essie Cohen
The best repair company around. Reasonable responsive and always shows up! Scott is great The office always makes it happen even when it’s last minute
David Slatus
David Slatus
Wonderful business to work with. My wife and I just moved into our new home and discovered a small gas leak with our stove top (as well as a 'banging' washing machine). I saw the great reviews for Appliance Genie and also saw that they were certified to work with our brand of stove so I gave them a call to set up an appointment. From speaking with Joan in the office to working with their technicians at our house, it was an easy, efficient, and high quality experience. They came out to diagnose the issues, gave us very honest and helpful advice (washing machine was done for and better to replace) and then returned to fix the gas leak on the stove. They did not mark up any prices for materials and their rate for labor is extremely fair as their technicians worked very thoroughly on our stove. We were very happy to work with Appliance Genie as they are honest, hard-working, professional, and we look forward to continuing to work with them for our appliance needs. If you need a great appliance repair contractor - Appliance Genie is it. No one is lying on these reviews - they deserve the accolades.
Justin Golden
Justin Golden
Freezer died and Scott came by and fixed the issue within a day (replaced some electrical components). He is a stand up guy and we have been working with him for years! Highly recommend.
Cranmer Engineering
Cranmer Engineering
This was posted to the wrong company. It is obvious this company cares as they reached out to us immediately.
Brian Connors
Brian Connors
Appliance Genie showed up when they said they were going to fix the problem Admiral very fair with your price I'd recommend him to anybody
Appliance Genie was always on time for appointments, which is hard to come by. Our dishwasher was older, and when we ended up needing a new dishwasher, Appliance Genie refunded us for the newly replaced parts and stood by their warranty.
Kevin Mendez (26 Podcast)
Kevin Mendez (26 Podcast)
I usually just replace a failing appliance but my wife convinced me to have someone come out for our refrigerator issue. They were prompt on the first visit and seemed very knowledgeable. My issue returned within the next couple of weeks and they did return to resolve at no extra charge. They seem to be very busy and it was difficult to nail them down to a reasonable return day but in the end they did make good on resolving the issue.

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