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Fixing appliances is important for many reasons. It makes home devices last longer, which cuts down on waste and helps the environment. Fixing things rather than buying new ones can help with saving costs since new devices are expensive. It also stops the troubles and disturbances that come from appliances not working right, making sure homes operate without problems. It also helps local repair shops and workers, which is good for the economy.

At Appliance Genie LLC, our afford & reliable appliance repair company is dedicated to offering repair services for trustworthy appliances. We concentrate on delivering high-quality service while ensuring our customers’ happiness. Our method of fixed appliance repair includes a detailed diagnostic step, aiming to find and fix the exact problem with your appliance. Our skilled team of technicians has advanced tools and training, which makes sure the repairs are completed correctly and quickly.

Our business focuses on fixing appliances here in the community. We aim to offer quick repair services right at your location, which helps cut down on travel time and expenses. Our approach to local appliance repair helps us provide a service that is tailored to individual needs and creates solid connections with our clients. The technicians know well about the usual brands and types of appliances found here, making it possible for them to fix things fast and dependably. Our business puts clear pricing first, so customers understand the repair expenses before we start. We dedicate ourselves to high-quality and community-focused service, making our reliable company a reliable ally for keeping your home appliances working well over time. Call us now and hire our services

Create a Heartwarming Environment for Family Gatherings with Our Outdoor Gas Grill Installation Services

An outdoor grill is key for making get-togethers better and helping family and friends bond while eating. It supports cooking in the open air, which creates a special taste and atmosphere you don’t easily find inside. Cooking on a grill can be better for your health because it uses less oil and keeps more of the food’s good parts. It also makes people go outdoors more, which helps them to live actively and build closer relationships with others when they have barbecue parties.

You can trust our expert services when you want professionals to make your backyard the best place for outdoor cooking. No matter if you are very experienced in grilling or just beginning, we provide tailored outdoor grill areas that fit what you require and the size of your space. Our experts provide a professional installation for the best small outdoor gas grill. They are ideal if you do not have much room or like something smaller to cook with. These grills work well and are handy, so you get the experience of using a big grill but in a more compact size. Our small outdoor gas grills, with their accurate temperature regulation and fast start-up, consistently provide excellent results.

If you are searching for something that stays intact longer, our built in outdoor gas grill installation is a perfect option. We can smoothly add them to the outdoor kitchen you already have or create a new design that fits what you imagine. These barbecues have a smooth, fashionable look and are very strong because they’re made from good materials that can handle the weather. If you like to cook in different ways, you can get an outdoor gas grill with griddle. This design has two uses; it allows you to grill and also cook on a smooth surface, which is good for making breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can sear meat like steaks or make pancakes; there are many things you can do with it. Reach out to us now from anywhere in Chappaqua, NY, to understand how we make your outdoor cooking experience unmatched.

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Freshen Up Your Kitchen with Our Vent Hood Installation Services in Chappaqua, NY

Appliance Repair Services in Chappaqua, NY

Hoods for ventilation, also called hoods for ranges, are machines put over cooking stoves to catch and take away grease in the air, smoke, warmth, smells, and steam that come out while making food. They play an important role in keeping the air clean and comfortable in a kitchen. Hood vents usually have fans and filters to pull out dirty air, sending it outside or putting it back into the room clean after filtering. Ultimately, vent hoods contribute to a cleaner, safer, and more pleasant cooking environment.

Should your kitchen require freshening up, we offer kitchen vent hood installation services to enhance your cooking space. Our solutions for homeowners aim to install top-quality ventilation systems that maintain a clean atmosphere in the kitchen and safeguard your family’s well-being. If you are making a big meal or preparing something fast, our skilled workers will put in a vent hood that is right for what you need. We have many designs and surfaces to go with the look of your kitchen, so it works well and looks good too.

We offer services for commercial vent hood installation, that are designed to work well and follow safety rules. We know what a busy restaurant kitchen needs and our vent hoods can handle the hot temperatures, smoke, and grease from cooking. We make sure the installation goes smoothly, causing little to no interruption and making things work better. Also, our custom vent hoods installation can be made to match your kitchen’s shape and look exactly how you want it. Our design team and technical staff will collaborate with you to craft a unique item that is both fashionable and practical.

We always put in only the highest quality vent hoods from top brands that are famous for being dependable and long-lasting. When you use our best vent hoods installation services, you can have confidence that your vent hood will operate well for many years ahead. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your installation in Chappaqua, NY.

Protect Your Property from Hazards with Our Ranges Installation and Customization Services in Chappaqua, NY

Range installation is very important for safety and for creating a proper cooking environment. When you install it correctly, you make sure that the gas or electricity does not have problems like leaking or causing fires, and people will not get electric shocks. It also guarantees proper ventilation, removes heat and odors, and ensures energy efficiency.

Our gas ranges repair service is the best in both quality and efficiency. We provide fast, dependable fixes so your kitchen can operate without problems and give you a lot of customization options too. Our experienced workers can identify and repair many problems with gas stoves. We offer electric ranges repair services as well, which are cost-effective and dependable. Our service offers skilled fixes at affordable prices, making sure your electric stove is fixed fast. The technicians with us are good at finding problems and fixing them in a safe and high-quality way. When you choose our gas ranges repair company to fix your gas stove, it means you get the best customization options. Our trained workers know how to find problems with gas and repair them, so there is less chance of leaks or fires. We adhere to regional safety regulations and utilize standard methods in the industry, maintaining warranties and guaranteeing dependable, lasting repair work. Contact us for assurance of tranquility and durable outcomes from anywhere in Chappaqua, NY.

Build Modern Home with Our Wall Ovens Integration Services in Chappaqua, NY

Wall ovens are very important in today’s kitchens because they can be put in a different place than the stove. This helps to use space better and makes them easier to reach. They usually have new technology, such as fan-assisted baking and touch-screen buttons.

We offer double wall ovens installation that is very flexible and suitable for today’s homes. You can cook many dishes at the same time with these ovens. Installing these ovens is straightforward, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate them into your kitchen design while maximizing function and saving space. If you need strong and precise cooking, our gas wall ovens are available for selection. They warm up fast and keep the heat steady, which is very good for cooking and baking. The technology that uses gas makes sure the heat spreads out evenly, making it perfect for roasting, broiling, and making baked goods. If you do not like gas ovens and instead favor using electric ones, our series of wall ovens electric provides excellent efficiency with accurate control of the temperature. These ovens come with modern technology that guarantees a satisfying experience when cooking. Their energy efficiency and self-cleaning modes make them a practical choice for busy households.

People who want to make their kitchen look better will find our decor wall ovens very useful. They mix beauty with practical use, having stylish patterns that go well with contemporary cupboards. If you select a gas or electric type, the oven will fit well with your kitchen design and provide excellent cooking results. Get our wall ovens now from anywhere in Chappaqua, NY.

Comprehensive Built-in Refrigerators Installation Services for Your Convenience

Installation of a refrigerator is key to ensure its longevity is maintained. This is one of the reasons why you need to hire professional services. When you pick our services, it’s not just about installing the best built-in refrigerators. It starts with looking at your kitchen area carefully. Our skilled team cooperates with you to grasp what you need, making sure that the fridge fits well in your kitchen and meets your demands. We take into account things such as airflow, electricity availability, and the strength of the building to make sure the setup is done without any mistakes. We also deal with refrigerators of all brands so if you’re looking for Bosch built-in refrigerators installation you can count on us all over Chappaqua, NY.

We are dedicated to making our customers happy, and we stand out because of this. You can choose a schedule that suits you, and we work fast so there is less inconvenience in your house. We also make sure you get the luxury built-in refrigerators to boost the look of your place. After the refrigerator is set up, we do careful checks to make sure everything works as it should, giving you a feeling of security. We also have support after the installation. If there are questions or problems, our customer service group is prepared to help you. Our trustworthy experts also provide you with built-in refrigerators installation tips and focus on making it a smooth, stress-free process so your appliance works properly for many years ahead. Hire us now!

Our Best Free Standing Refrigerators Keep Your Food Fresh

Standing refrigerators are necessary for houses today because they store food well, keep it fresh, and help reduce the spoilage of food. They keep a steady temperature to make sure things like milk, meat, and vegetables stay good for longer. They have lots of room and shelves you can move, so they’re good for different things at home. 

Our panel ready free standing refrigerators blend well with all types of kitchen designs. You can choose exterior panels to make your refrigerator look like part of the cabinet work, giving it a smooth and combined appearance. These refrigerators are made using current technology that saves energy, gives effective cooling, and cuts down on how much power they use. They have large inside spaces and shelves you can change to fit your storage requirements. We make products that last a long time and are easy to use, combining practical features with good design for a kitchen that works well together. Try out our best free standing refrigerators, which can be matched with your kitchen panels and do not need to be built in, for both useful benefits and a smart look. Contact us today in Chappaqua, NY.

What Our Clients Said

Essie Cohen
Essie Cohen
The best repair company around. Reasonable responsive and always shows up! Scott is great The office always makes it happen even when it’s last minute
David Slatus
David Slatus
Wonderful business to work with. My wife and I just moved into our new home and discovered a small gas leak with our stove top (as well as a 'banging' washing machine). I saw the great reviews for Appliance Genie and also saw that they were certified to work with our brand of stove so I gave them a call to set up an appointment. From speaking with Joan in the office to working with their technicians at our house, it was an easy, efficient, and high quality experience. They came out to diagnose the issues, gave us very honest and helpful advice (washing machine was done for and better to replace) and then returned to fix the gas leak on the stove. They did not mark up any prices for materials and their rate for labor is extremely fair as their technicians worked very thoroughly on our stove. We were very happy to work with Appliance Genie as they are honest, hard-working, professional, and we look forward to continuing to work with them for our appliance needs. If you need a great appliance repair contractor - Appliance Genie is it. No one is lying on these reviews - they deserve the accolades.
Justin Golden
Justin Golden
Freezer died and Scott came by and fixed the issue within a day (replaced some electrical components). He is a stand up guy and we have been working with him for years! Highly recommend.
Cranmer Engineering
Cranmer Engineering
This was posted to the wrong company. It is obvious this company cares as they reached out to us immediately.
Brian Connors
Brian Connors
Appliance Genie showed up when they said they were going to fix the problem Admiral very fair with your price I'd recommend him to anybody
Appliance Genie was always on time for appointments, which is hard to come by. Our dishwasher was older, and when we ended up needing a new dishwasher, Appliance Genie refunded us for the newly replaced parts and stood by their warranty.
Kevin Mendez (26 Podcast)
Kevin Mendez (26 Podcast)
I usually just replace a failing appliance but my wife convinced me to have someone come out for our refrigerator issue. They were prompt on the first visit and seemed very knowledgeable. My issue returned within the next couple of weeks and they did return to resolve at no extra charge. They seem to be very busy and it was difficult to nail them down to a reasonable return day but in the end they did make good on resolving the issue.

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