Appliance problems? Leave it to Appliance Repair Services in Harrison, NY

If you are currently facing refrigerator leak problems then fret not as we are always on the go to help you with any sort of application repair. For us, every appliance is fixable so our experts try their best to bring them back in the optimal working conditions. As we advance further in the world of technology, we train our professionals with the latest repair techniques to keep them updated. No matter whether it’s your washing machine or dishwasher that is causing trouble for you, our trained technicians evaluate the problem in depth and try to restore it in an efficient way. We Fix appliance repair quicker to prevent further damage to your appliance.

Our seasoned professionals are trained therefore fixes are done far quicker than the amateurs struggling to bring back the functionality of your appliance. We don’t rely on Googling the issues rather we pinpoint them while checking the appliance. Our experts are proficient in dealing with all the complex and invasive appliance problems that require more than the basic skills to bring back the appliance in order. As we know the repairs can occur at any time of the day therefore our technicians can get to your doorsteps on a single call. This way if you reverse the issue at the right point of time you can prevent costly repairs down the road. It’s time to leave all the DIY tricks and hire our Affordable & Reliable appliance repair company for quality repair work.

Professional Outdoor Gas Grill Installation Services to Prepare Delectable Meals

Are you looking for cooking equipment with a minimal carbon footprint? Yes, Outdoor Gas Grill is one of them to prepare toothsome meals in the outdoor setting. We specialize in the installation of top-rated grills, gas logs, and smokers for your home. Our best small outdoor gas grill will not interrupt any of your activities and ensure a seamless setup for perfection in every meal. We make sure that you create your desired outdoor kitchen that can tick-mark all your needs. Our experts assess your needs well so that they can aptly create a fun outdoor cooking experience for you and your loved ones.

Our process from selection to installation is simple and straightforward. We visit your home in Harrison, NY so that it would be easy for us to select and recommend the right size of grill that brings the sizzle to your yard. Depending upon the preference and budget of the user we install the outdoor gas grill with griddle or smoker to create a perfect cooking experience every time. No matter how complex or easy your installation is, we use advanced equipment to cook delicious meals. From the portable to permanent connection, we set up your barbeque space properly with the installation of high-end grills. We navigate the specific requirements of outdoor cooking to create a fulfilling experience. For installation of a multi-function grill in your house hire our experts now!

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High-Quality Kitchen Air Filtration with Our Vent Hoods Installation Services

Appliance Repair Services in Harrison, NY

The top wall above your stove has become greasy and black yes because you don’t have a hood installed in your kitchen. With our kitchen vent hood installation, you can efficiently vent out the grease and steam so that you can breathe well after your cooking session. Our high-quality hoods are designed while meeting the industry standards to remove odors, smoke, and excessive heat after cooking. The motorized motors that are functional in our hoods suck the polluted air so that you don’t breathe in the aftermath of dinner. So, it’s the right time to make the smart move and remove the elevated levels of carbon monoxide in your kitchen with high-quality vented hoods.

As we know in summer cooking is extremely difficult and excessive heat makes it difficult for you to stand in the kitchen. We are here to provide you with a comfortable cooking experience with our best vent hoods Installation. With the additional lighting and improved cleanliness of the kitchen, you can efficiently increase the curb appeal of your kitchen.

You have purchased the hood and you are looking at the YouTube tutorials to fix it yourself, right? it would be possible if you have prior experience with appliance fixing but otherwise, it might result in a disaster. Our experts in Harrison, NY in custom vent hoods Installation for your ease. Our experts take into consideration lots of factors that include usability, and placement for efficient functioning. We follow a streamlined approach that includes the identification of the location for the hood vent, preparing the hood for installation, mounting the hood finalizing the placement of the vent, and finally securing the electrical connection to wrap up the installation process. If you want to cut the cleaning time of the kitchen to half give us a call for kitchen hood installation.

Gas Ranges Installation and Customization Services to Upgrade Your Outdated Kitchen

Are you looking for a cooking range that can cook more food in less time? If yes, there we have a plethora of options for you. With a stable source of heat underneath your meals become more delicious and cook faster. As we have been in the industry for a long time therefore now, we present more environmentally friendly options for all our clients. Unlike the electric ranges, our gas ranges are of premium quality and do not produce any kind of emissions. You don’t have to worry about power outages as our gas stoves will be functional with notable savings on the electric bills.

Not solely focused on installation but we are there at your doorstep for gas ranges repair service too. No matter if it’s the burner that’s not working or the thermocouple that is defective, we specialize in all sorts of repairs. Being the best gas ranges repair company, we pinpoint the faults and fix them at the earliest. At Appliance Genie LLC no issue is too small or big for us so we work precisely with your gas stove to make it functional again. Dealing with gas requires expertise and skills so all our experts follow safety precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe. Get in touch with us for gas range installation and repair work.

Wall Ovens Integration Services for a Convenient Cooking Experience

Are you looking for a custom and adaptable kitchen setup that is great for simultaneous cooks? Get our double wall ovens installation which is great both for baking and cooking. We specialize in installation so that you get the top-class product installed in your kitchen. Seeing your kitchen aesthetics we perfectly fit the oven in the right size and color to increase the curb appeal of your kitchen. For all kitchen remodeling projects considering our decor wall ovens is a viable option to give your kitchen a futuristic look. Our deluxe setup of ovens is a dream for every mommy who loves to spend a considerable time in the kitchen.

 We cater to the needs of aging mommies who feel it difficult to bend down to slide the heavy dishes in the oven. All the built-in oven installations are at eye level for ease of use. Along with it, if all your appliances are scattered in the kitchen, then our wall-mounted ovens are great as they become the central location for cooking meals. We offer flexible cooktop customization so that you will be happy to have us for your project. For every project, we take a distinct approach and make sure that your design and function needs are met well. If you want to get started with your kitchen remodeling project in Harrison, NY Contact us now.

Improved Energy Efficiency With Our Built-in Refrigerators Installation Services in Harrison, NY

Do you want to create a gourmet-style kitchen with the addition of a high-end refrigerator? If yes, we provide luxury built-in refrigerators that are seamless in appearance and functionality as well. Our panel-ready models are great to give the wall-to-wall cabinet look to your kitchen. Moreover, all our refrigerators are built of quality material so that you won’t have to deal with costly repairs earlier. In all the options for the built-in refrigerators, we have specifically focused on saving the environment and going green approach for healthy living.

Seamless, Space Saving, Energy efficient! You get it all just by the installation of the best built-in refrigerators. We analyze the space in your kitchen and then suggest the appropriate positioning of the fridge. Afterward, we present you with the options that fall in your budget for the seamless integration with your cabinetry. Our experts fit them in a way so that there is no space between the wall and the refrigerator. It’s time for the luxury addition. Give us a call for the installation of bosch built-in refrigerators.

Get your Best Free Standing Refrigerators Back in Functionality

Your refrigerator is one of the important appliances in your home that keeps all your food items cool and fresh. So, if it’s in problem then you might end up in trouble as the whole kitchen becomes smelly. For you to get out of the trouble we offer refrigerator repair services. No matter whether your worn-out refrigerator or an advanced panel ready free standing refrigerator we are pros in dealing with all sorts of freezers.

Our experts in Harrison, NY have years of experience therefore we inspect every nook and corner of your refrigerator and more importantly the areas that correspond to indications of damage. Whether it’s the refrigerator leaks that are causing trouble for you or the damaged coil we fix it at the earliest. Our refrigerator repair experts provide prompt service without compromising the quality of the work. Get in touch with us to bring your Best Free Standing Refrigerators back in order.

What Our Clients Said

Essie Cohen
Essie Cohen
The best repair company around. Reasonable responsive and always shows up! Scott is great The office always makes it happen even when it’s last minute
David Slatus
David Slatus
Wonderful business to work with. My wife and I just moved into our new home and discovered a small gas leak with our stove top (as well as a 'banging' washing machine). I saw the great reviews for Appliance Genie and also saw that they were certified to work with our brand of stove so I gave them a call to set up an appointment. From speaking with Joan in the office to working with their technicians at our house, it was an easy, efficient, and high quality experience. They came out to diagnose the issues, gave us very honest and helpful advice (washing machine was done for and better to replace) and then returned to fix the gas leak on the stove. They did not mark up any prices for materials and their rate for labor is extremely fair as their technicians worked very thoroughly on our stove. We were very happy to work with Appliance Genie as they are honest, hard-working, professional, and we look forward to continuing to work with them for our appliance needs. If you need a great appliance repair contractor - Appliance Genie is it. No one is lying on these reviews - they deserve the accolades.
Justin Golden
Justin Golden
Freezer died and Scott came by and fixed the issue within a day (replaced some electrical components). He is a stand up guy and we have been working with him for years! Highly recommend.
Cranmer Engineering
Cranmer Engineering
This was posted to the wrong company. It is obvious this company cares as they reached out to us immediately.
Brian Connors
Brian Connors
Appliance Genie showed up when they said they were going to fix the problem Admiral very fair with your price I'd recommend him to anybody
Appliance Genie was always on time for appointments, which is hard to come by. Our dishwasher was older, and when we ended up needing a new dishwasher, Appliance Genie refunded us for the newly replaced parts and stood by their warranty.
Kevin Mendez (26 Podcast)
Kevin Mendez (26 Podcast)
I usually just replace a failing appliance but my wife convinced me to have someone come out for our refrigerator issue. They were prompt on the first visit and seemed very knowledgeable. My issue returned within the next couple of weeks and they did return to resolve at no extra charge. They seem to be very busy and it was difficult to nail them down to a reasonable return day but in the end they did make good on resolving the issue.

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