We Provide Appliance Repair Services in Greenwich, CT

The appliances in your home serve as a means of convenience for you. If any of your appliances malfunction and don’t work properly, you will feel discomfort and be inconvenienced. Calling professional services for local appliance repair is recommended and it is better if you immediately call in professional assistance instead of worsening the condition of your appliance. 

Keeping this in mind, we offer top-quality appliance repair services for our customers. Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of services related to application repair such as ovens, refrigerators, and grills. Our team of professionally trained experts provides top-notch solution services for various appliances, whether it is an oven that does not heat or a refrigerator that does not cool anymore. For local appliance repair, our staff is equipped with the latest equipment and has an answer to every problem. With customer satisfaction being our topmost priority, we aim to deliver on it by providing our customers with same-day services so that they do not face any long-term problems. Furthermore, we are fully licensed and insured in the case of any accident so that our customers have peace of mind. With our emphasis on quality and reliability, we take great care to ensure that we only use genuine parts in our repair services. If you are searching for an affordable & reliable appliance repair company, then Appliance Genie LLC is the one for you. If you want to learn more about the services that we offer, consider contacting us now!

Our Outdoor Gas Grill Installation Services are Second to None!

Those outdoor barbeques are not only really fun but also relaxing. Your outdoor kitchen is complete with the installation of a gas grill but it is often challenging to install because of its complex parts and comparatively difficult assembly procedure. Thus, we recommend you to call in professional services whenever you are considering installing a built in outdoor gas grill.

Appliance Genie LLC provides its valuable customers with top-quality outdoor gas grill installation services. We care deeply about customer satisfaction so we advocate for a safety first approach whereupon our licensed technicians utilize the latest technological equipment and techniques. Furthermore, we offer same-day services so you can start grilling as soon as possible. We facilitate this by handling all of the processes, whether they are venting or fixing up the gas line. Since customer service matters so dearly to us, we also offer routine check-ups and maintenance services if your heart so desires.

Our licensed services mean that you don’t have to worry about any slip-ups and accidents because everything is insured, so your peace of mind is guaranteed. We offer a host of installation services which includes installing an outdoor gas grill with a griddle as well as routine ones such as gas leak detection and gas line connection setting up. For the best small outdoor gas grill services in Greenwich, CT, consider hiring us now and transform your outdoor kitchen into the supreme grilling destination.

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Our Vent Hoods Installation Services Upgrade and Transform Your Kitchen!

Appliance Repair Services in Greenwich, CT

Are you tired of your smoke alarms ringing anytime you start grilling? A vent hood seems to be the ultimate solution to your problem. Vent hoods serve multiple purposes such as removing smoke from the air which is good for not only your personal health but also for the walls of your home which might get stained otherwise. Installing a vent hood is a process that requires professional services because of the inherent complexities involved. Appliance Genie LLC provides the best vent hoods installation services because we focus on making our customers feel as relaxed and content as possible. This is why we don’t compromise on the quality of our offered services such as kitchen vent hood installation. We also offer commercial vent hood installation services to our customers which is slightly different as it involves incorporating electricity codes and installing cabinets. Whatever the requirement, we are equally up for the task. Our customers can relax knowing they are in good hands as we take care of everything, ranging from the ductwork to the installation of the vents. Furthermore, we take great pains to ensure that the latest safety standards are followed and equipment is used.

Our services extend the life of your kitchen as our trusted and professional staff make sure to remove any excess billowing smoke via the installation of vent hoods which reduces the heat pressure on the walls. We also promise expert assistance with our certified and expert staff ensuring that your installed vent hood is fitted properly while also providing routine maintenance over the course of time. With services like ours, it is no wonder that we are renowned among our customers in Greenwich, CT. Consider hiring us now to avail the best vent hood installation services and improve the quality of air around you!

We Deal in Ranges Installation and Customization Services in Greenwich, CT

Each kitchen has its own range design with an assortment of appliances and equipment in their own orientation. However, the installation of such ranges requires professional services because of the present complexities and technicalities that could obstruct the performance otherwise. Keeping this in mind, Appliance Genie LLC offers top-quality ranges installation and customization services to our customers. As part of our goal, we strive to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and with that as our priority, we offer a host of services that you will not find anywhere in the market.

With the utmost dedication to quality and reliability, our staff of licensed professionals only uses genuine parts and the latest equipment to maintain the high level of standards we set for ourselves. Our staff also possesses adequate knowledge about which type of range to install whether it is a slide-in range or drop-in range. As part of our host of services related to ranges, we provide gas ranges repair service and electric ranges repair services to offer maximum customizability to our customers.

In order to avail the best range installation services in Greenwich, CT, hire us now and reward yourself with the quality and customizable services that you deserve.

Our Wall Ovens Integration Services are the Best Ones Around!

As far as kitchen appliances go, an oven is one of the most important ones. It not only cooks brand-new dishes but also reheats the previous ones. To conserve space yet not compromise on functionality, the idea of a wall oven that is integrated technologically with other appliances has gained steam in recent times. Keeping up with the technological trend, Appliance Genie LLC offers gas wall ovens integration services to our customers in Greenwich, CT. Our team of experts is skilled in such work and ensures that neither functionality nor reliability is compromised. We take great care in linking your home appliances with your oven to provide a streamlined cooking experience for you with settings such as preheating, alerts, and timers all being handled remotely. Since our ultimate goal is maximum customer satisfaction, we employ the latest installation techniques which incorporate technological appliances as well. We not only handle the technological integration but also take great care in the manual installation of the wall oven. As part of our goal, our wall ovens electric integration boosts energy efficiency, productivity, and electric diagnostics as well. Furthermore, our innovative integration approach helps conserve lots of space in the kitchen while our decor wall ovens not only add an element of customizability but also functionality. Seek to better utilize your space and unlock a wide host of possibilities with technological integration in your kitchen, of which the oven is the most important appliance. For the best quality integration services, consider hiring us now!

Our Built-in Refrigerators Installation Services Have No Comparison!

The refrigerator’s usefulness cannot be understated. It provides cooling to preserve one’s food and other such items so that they do not spoil. Built-in refrigerators are present in almost every home. Keeping this in mind, Appliance Genie LLC offers the best built-in refrigerators installation services to our esteemed customers in Greenwich, CT. We also provide a wide range of services related to refrigerator installation, repair, and general maintenance. As part of our promise, we offer a lot of customization such as luxury built-in refrigerators and useful information such as related to built-in refrigerators installation tips. Through our meticulous services, we ensure that our customers are always given the best possible results and are satisfied and willing to work with us again. We accomplish this by utilizing the latest technological equipment and techniques through our expert staff. Not only does our staff consist of technical experts when it comes to installation and repair but they are also extremely professional, underlining the difference between ours and other company services. We know what really matters to you and are dedicated to ensuring that it becomes possible. Stay ahead of the curve and contact us now to avail the best possible refrigerator installation services!

We Offer The Best Free Standing Refrigerators Services For You!

A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances of any home. Keeping food and other perishable commodities preserved and cooled is a necessity. A free standing refrigerator is thus extremely important and Appliance Genie LLC recognises that. We offer the best free standing refrigerators services to our customers in Greenwich, CT. We accomplish this by keeping customer satisfaction and quality maintenance as the topmost of our priorities. Our dedicated and expert staff are well-versed in all refrigerator matters whether they involve installation, repair, or general maintenance. Furthermore, we only use genuine quality parts so our customers have no cause for complaint and our license ensures peace of mind as in the case of any unfortunate accident, you will have insurance to back you up. Offering a host of customizable features such as panel ready free standing refrigerators, we aim to deliver on our promises. Hire us now to avail the best services!

What Our Clients Said

Essie Cohen
Essie Cohen
The best repair company around. Reasonable responsive and always shows up! Scott is great The office always makes it happen even when it’s last minute
David Slatus
David Slatus
Wonderful business to work with. My wife and I just moved into our new home and discovered a small gas leak with our stove top (as well as a 'banging' washing machine). I saw the great reviews for Appliance Genie and also saw that they were certified to work with our brand of stove so I gave them a call to set up an appointment. From speaking with Joan in the office to working with their technicians at our house, it was an easy, efficient, and high quality experience. They came out to diagnose the issues, gave us very honest and helpful advice (washing machine was done for and better to replace) and then returned to fix the gas leak on the stove. They did not mark up any prices for materials and their rate for labor is extremely fair as their technicians worked very thoroughly on our stove. We were very happy to work with Appliance Genie as they are honest, hard-working, professional, and we look forward to continuing to work with them for our appliance needs. If you need a great appliance repair contractor - Appliance Genie is it. No one is lying on these reviews - they deserve the accolades.
Justin Golden
Justin Golden
Freezer died and Scott came by and fixed the issue within a day (replaced some electrical components). He is a stand up guy and we have been working with him for years! Highly recommend.
Cranmer Engineering
Cranmer Engineering
This was posted to the wrong company. It is obvious this company cares as they reached out to us immediately.
Brian Connors
Brian Connors
Appliance Genie showed up when they said they were going to fix the problem Admiral very fair with your price I'd recommend him to anybody
Appliance Genie was always on time for appointments, which is hard to come by. Our dishwasher was older, and when we ended up needing a new dishwasher, Appliance Genie refunded us for the newly replaced parts and stood by their warranty.
Kevin Mendez (26 Podcast)
Kevin Mendez (26 Podcast)
I usually just replace a failing appliance but my wife convinced me to have someone come out for our refrigerator issue. They were prompt on the first visit and seemed very knowledgeable. My issue returned within the next couple of weeks and they did return to resolve at no extra charge. They seem to be very busy and it was difficult to nail them down to a reasonable return day but in the end they did make good on resolving the issue.

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